Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Beginning of the Universe

First of all, I would like to note that it is impossible to know the beginning of the Universe with our current technology. However, we can assume that if the Universe works in a certain way, that its creation would be consistent with that way in which it works.

Thus, this is a description of how the Universe could be created in accordance with Spin Theory.
I am saying that the Universe was made this way because of my theory, not that my theory is this way because this is how the Universe was created.

Topics are always up for adjustment. By no means am I perfect.

Since Time is infinite and goes on forever, we can assume that all physically plausible events will occur.
Since Time goes infinitely backwords, we can assume that all events have already occured.
Thus, at some point in our Univers's past, all Matter must have been caught in the same (+/-) Vortex.
At this point, all "Matter," ie: Atomic Vortex Fields, would be drawn into one central Mass. Everything would be compressed into one big ball.
Now that we know Mass is simply a measure of the (+/-) Field, it is easy to see how, in time, all fields would cross over each other's Event Horizons and combine into one massive swirl.
This swirl continued to compress until all matter was the size of a planet, and then a baseball, and then a single Atom.
That Super Atom, the tiny focus point for all the energy in the Universe, continued to shrink, until it was the size of a Quark, and then even smaller. At that point, it was so small that (+) Energy Event Horizon hit the central point of its (-) Energy, and even then it kept shrinking!
This would cause the two forces to invert, and KABOOOOOM!
All of that stored energy is flung into every direction and formed into the swirls that we define as matter.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why we are Three Dimensional

<This section will be much easier to understand once pictures are added>


In the left corner, we have Centrifugal, ie: Positive, motion!


And in the right, we have inward succulence, Negative motion!


Positive energy shoots out on a plane in all directions along the circumference of the spin.


Negative Force compresses into a central point, causing draws to come from every direction of a sphere.


As (+) Energy from the spin pushes out...


The pulling (-) Energy curves the flat (+) back in towards the center.


Because the point of (+) Energy is in a flat circle, the points of (-) Energy are strongest out of the center, straight up and down..  This is why the (+) Energy is pulled up and down, into 3 dimensions.  Forward/backword and side to side, from the (+) Energy.  And up and down from the (-) Energy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quarks and Where Matter Comes From

Scientifically, A single Hydrogen Atom is made of 3 Quarks.  Quarks are seperated into different categories, based on they ways they act.  However, in Spin Theory, just as Protons and Neutrons are the same, so are all Quarks essentially the same.  They simply act differently based on where they are at in relation to everything else.  They come from the same substance.

Say that two larger forces, far away, send rotational energy against each other.


When the Energies clash, they would hit at imperfect angles, causing wobbly, distorted, ripple patterns to appear.

As these wobbles break away and are ejected outwards, they would form spiral swirls of tiny force.


Now say two of these swirls cross very closely.


They would catch in each other's (-) Energy and swing around each other.  If caught in each other's event horizons, they would be caught together, but still remain seperate as they circle each other, gradually orbiting closer and closer, but taking an extremely long period of time to finally collide.  Two tiny swirls that can be swept away by anything.

Say a third Quark swirl joins.

Just happens to collide and get caught in the same event horizon.

Now a third swirl messes up the orbit.  No longer do the swirls dance around each other eternally, a Third Force interupts the smooth flow and forces all three to pull together at a much more rapid rate.  They collide and join (or at least hit individual paths that are so closely tied, that the difference between three central points and on central point is indistinguishable.)


They join together at that focal point and are three times as strong as a little quark swirl.  This creates an Atom!

Atoms seem super-solid and dense compared to slow moving Quarks, the same way a Black Hole feels super dense compared to mushy us.

The density of an Atom's (-) pull gives it the illusion of having Mass.

Matter is distinguished when two or more of these densities allign, ie: fall into each other's Event Horizon.

If the Event Horizon is breached, Atoms (triple swirls) will collide into each other, causing their rotational forces to again combine, creating a larger force that we percieve to be even larger and denser.

These various densities are shat we percieve to be the world.  Something more dense can push past something less dense, but something less dense is blocked by a more dense wall.

Thus, we can walk through water, but not through lead.

If we tried walking through a lead wall, our puny spongy rotation rates would be repelled by the much more powerful and denser rates of the lead wall.  Our Atoms would be bounced off the (+) Force before we could ever reach the Atomic Event Horizon.  The point exactly farther than the Event Horizon is also the point where (+) Energy is the strongest, repelling other Atoms unless they are forced to breach that barrier.  That's why things don't combine into each other unless precise conditions are met.  Eg: high directional velocity.

So really, Atoms are just continually more powerful swirls of Energy.  Quarks are the small raw swirls, and Matter is just our perception of densities produced by the (+/-) Forces.


When Atoms are heated, they seek to break apart or become more dense.

The spin increases with Heat, because heat is just the result of Atoms increasing in spin velocity.  When they spin that fast, their energy is so great that they become unstable.


Most things breeak down into gasses.  Dense things melt.


Iron is dense.
Heat is applied and iron begins to spin.
As the Atoms speed up, their (+/-) Energies increase, pulling them together and making them denser.


Gravity can be calculated by the sum total (-) Force of every Atom within the planet's atmosphere.


So if the spin increases, (+) Force goes up, forcing (-) Force to go up.

(-) Force can be calculated by Spin Rate.  Faster Spin=Greater (-) Force.

A larger Atom spinning at the same rate as a smaller atom creates much more Force.


Thus, total (+/-) Force is dependant upon Atom size, ie: Density, and Rotational Speed, ie: Heat.

Faster than Light Data Transfer. This is Not Time Travel.

First we have to define Time.  Because, Yes, I believe you can spin an Atom to produce a frequency far higher than the speed of light.  You can spin an Atom as fast as you want.  Atoms are not destroyed until they sit still. 

What if you could stably spin an Atom much faster than the pont of visible light?  Could we find a way to receive that energy and translate it into a message?

Even if you could, it does not mean you can get message from the future.  All it means is that you can receive a message from a friend very far away in the universe more quickly than you could see them send it.
Age-wise, on your biological clocks, if you were 7 lightyears away and it only took the message 2 years to reach you, you would still get it in 2 years, relative to your time.  If you are both 20 when it is sent, you will both be 22 when it is received.  Likewise, if you were to write back, you would both be 24 by the time he got your reply.  And yes, if you could see that far, in 7 years, you could actually witness the event of your friend sending the message, knowing full well the eventual outcome.  But physically, in your world, it doesn't matter.  It would just be a slower spin force catching up.  You would see it as an aftershock, the same way you could hear the message being sent much later after seeing it, if you had ears acute enough to hear it.

It's an interesting side effect, butbut is by no means a tangible manipulation of time through light.


The phasing of Atoms through objects is easily understood when you realize that their spinning forces naturally throw each other off.  They attract or oppose each other and individual Atoms that are smashed against different types can get flung off and lost from the original structure tehy were a part of.  Meanwhile, the massive main structure compresses and remains intact.

In the Atomic Teleportation experiments, scientists were able to teleport a coud of Hydrogen through a wire.  It was noted that what was actually occuring was that the cloud was being destroyed and recreated.  This is congruent with Spin Theory because the exact force of energy needed to create that energy somewhere else would be equal to the amount of potential energy it initially has.  Thus, to create, it must be destroyed.  Conservation of Energy is applied, only to such an extreme scale, that no energy is lost, only time.

Time is something we will get into...

Sunlight and the Creation of Life


Light Energy, ie: Centrifugal Energy, bounces upon themass of our planet.  In Gas and Liquid, it mixes and musses, causing Atoms to spin more quickly.  the more Centriifugal "light" Energy received, the more overall Energy is put into our planet.  That Energy must be output by the Atoms of our planet in the form of motion.  With continued sunlight, the Atoms of our planet would continue to speed up until the velocities that are required to mix up amino acids are reached.  Energy continues to pour forth from the Sun until the Amino Acids are excited enough to bond together and form the Basic Protiens that are the beginning of reproductive life.  The Protiens became more complex and developed into organisms and all life began from there.

This is whyplants grow.  Because the Sun continualls pours Energy into our world.  And that Energy has to be output.  Since the Energy continually builds, continually advanced forms and abilities for discharging it are necessary.  The sun continually shines on our world and this is why the flowers bloom.

On other planets, the energy may be discharged in harsher ways.  eg: Massive volcanoes/earthquakes, intense storms, thick atmospheres, etc.
Our planet is lucky enough to be in the Goldilocks Zone, which allows for subtler, more graceful and elegant discharge of Energy.


Hearing is the same as Seeing.  It is spinning energy received by our ears and translated into Sound.

Sound frequencies are much lower that Light, but are stil the result of Atoms spinning at an other than normal rate, or from being suddenly jarred.  The flux of energy that is sent through the atmosphere is received and translated.  For us, it might not seem like much.  But for Bats and Dolphins, it's a complex algorithm that creates an image of the world.  Ears are more primitive than Eyes in the sense that they do not interpret color.  But at the same time, they are tuned to lower spin frequencies and thus allow us to "hear" energy levels that are too low to produce light that is visible to our eyes.

The lower the frequency, the slower it travels.  This is why sound travels slower than light.  Although the Energy source is the same.  Our eyes pick up frequencies too high to hear, while our ears pick up frequencies too low to see.

We can surpass sound.  And the results are what you would expect to find with this theory.
As a jet flies passed, you hear nothing at first.  Because at that speed, it's spinning the Atoms it passes at a faster frequency than our ears can pick up.  Then, moments later, as those Atoms disperse their energy over distance and slow down, that range of Energy can finally be picked up and interpreted by our ears, as loud crackly thunder.

And speaking of Thunder.  Lightening is more proof that Sound Energy and Light Energy are the same.
Lightening sparks through the sky, spinning Atoms at a rate so quick, that they appear to the energy receptors in our eyes to light up and flash in the sky.
They vanish soon, moving so fast for only a moment, but as the energy travels and slows to lower speeds and settles down, you eventually hear it.  That is why you can see lightening in front of you and hear it behind you.  It's all just Atoms changing speeds.  Their orbits are still stable, just faster or slower.  Actually, at a burning speed, Atoms break apart.  But only into more basic Atoms.


What is Light?
Light consists of Photons. which are massless particals that contain information.  They fly off in all directions of the Universe and bounce off solid objects or bend through liquid or gas.  Light travels at a definite speed.  But where does it get its energy from?

I submit that the Centrifugal Force from the spinning Atom is the force of Light, as well as Dark Energy.  Light occurs when solids break down into liquids and liquids turn into gas, and gas ignites into flame.  Or when something is simply heated red hot.  Fire is simply the result of Atoms spinning faster.  The Energy they give off is based off of Rotational Speed and its strength can even be measured in frequencies. 

Red through Violet.
That's the level of Spin Energy we can see because our brain processes the Energy Information and creates an image of the world.  Higher Energy goes into ultraviolet and our eyes can't process that speed of a spin.  What the "Photon" again tries to do is call a Force a Partical.  It's not at one point.  It's at every point and every place, at the speed of its spin.

Further proof of the theory's perfection can be found through Hearing.


Now Electrons are the biggest misinterpretation of data in our century.

People say that for every Proton in an Atom, there is an Electron.  So a Hydrogen Atom with one Proton, has one Electron.


The orbital distance is consistent with the Atoms Event Horizon of combining with another Atom.  Since Hydrogen is the smallest Atom, consisting of only one Proton, it has only One event horizon.  This is the point where it will combine with another Atom of its size or larger.  One Event Horizon means tehre is only one point where we can "see" the blip of the "electron."

Now take Helium.
Helium has two Protons.  Thus, scientists thought it must have two Electrons.  And it seemed to!  However, this is because Helium actually has Two Event Horizons.

One for Atoms of the same size or larger, and one for Atoms smaller than it.  Since it is only 2 Protons large, there is only one smaller Atom, Hydrogen.  Thus, we can identify Two Event Horizons.  These points of no return were incorrectly interpreted as orbital paths that the mystical Electron partical follows.

It is worth noting that Heliums Atomic Mass is actually 4, because it has 2 Protons and 2 Neutrons.  However, this combination of 4 particals is still the only next step up from the 1 partical Hydrogen Atom.

Next up, we have Lithium, which is the third smallest Atom.  It is said to have Three Electrons.  This is because it has Three Event Horizons.  One for Hydrogen.  One for Helium.  And one for anything its size or larger.

The old model of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons is incorrect.  Protons and Neutrons are actually the same things.  They were seperated into categories to provide a convenient mathematical evidence to the existence of Electrons.

This is why "Protons" increase in steps of One.  Because for each Event Horizon added, there was required to be another Electron, which would insist upon the presence of a counteracting Proton.

But this is not Truth.  Because Electrons do not Exist.  And so, the Proton is unnessecary.  Protons are the same as Neutrons.  They both contribute energy to the overall spin of the Atom. If you look at the Atomic Masses, you will see that Atoms only form in patterns that allow for stable spins.  1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, etc. 

Dividing the Masses into Protons and Neutrons to justify the amount of Event Horizons is pointless.



Several Alike Atoms are placed against each other.

Oh My!  They stick together at a centralized point of Gravity!  There must be a "partical" there!  Because "particals" are where Gravity comes from.

No.  Those are just points where alike spinning Atoms focus their (+/-) Forces when they are stacked togther.

They made up "particals" to explain the focal points of Gravity because they didn't understand the "Electron."

Really, these focal points are just the results of the Forces of Atoms being brushed against each other and amplifying their output at that location.



On an Atom, at the poles, the Gravitational Force would be most focused.

Oh My!  There's a strong point of Gravity!  That must mean there's a "partical" there, because "particals" have "gravity."

They do not realize that Gravity Energy does not come from a magical invisible partical.  The energy comes from the magnetic pulls created by the spin.



Heat is the result of the Atom increasing its rotation.

Ouch!  I can't touch that, it's spinning too fast.  It's so fast that it makes my Atoms spin right off of me!

Sometimes it's simply different Elements.  They rub each other right and speed up.

So a Zap of Heat here


Makes th first Atom spin fast, which transfers to the next Atom.  It absorbs the energy and spins fast.  And this continues down the line until the signal is received.

Ultimately, Heat is the result of complimentary rotations.  However, the added velocity will make the Atoms more unstable, until they break apart.  ie: Burn.

So really, Spinning is just everything.

And the Electron as a Partical or String does not exist.

What we call the Electron is just the equatorial path of an Atom.  And those paths intersect and affect one another.  So that's why an Electron can be everywhere.  Because since th force extends forever, everything in the Universe affects everything.  But it still comes down to Spins.  Just different Spins.

The Strong Force pulled tons of shit together, and it spun wild and exploded into the big bang.  It's probably continually happening.  And when shit explodes, it shoots off and spins.  That is the only kind of Energy there is, Motion Energy.

The Simplest law of th Universe is what we were looking for, but it was so obvious that we couldn't see it.

Shit moves.

That's it.  Atoms move.  The end.

And there are only Two Forces. (+) and (-)


This is the simple Truth.

I could never understand Quantum Physics because it never made sense.  And so I forgot what everyone said about it, looked at the observations, and figured it out.

This is the Unifying Theory of Everything.

We'll move on to Why People Believe in Gravitons, Gluons, and Electrons.



Say Gold.
Gold is very dense and transfers signals well.  When Atoms are that densely packed, if you bump one, they're all gonna jump.  An increased spin to one on one end will transfer all the way to the other end.

And that's all it takes.  Computers speak in binary.  0's and 1's.  No signal=0.  Signal=1. etc.

Now why does that Zap make them spin faster?

The Path of the Electron

What is an Electron?

Can anybody tell me?

What is that green thing that spins around the Atom?

Some say it is like a Partical.
Some say it's like a String.
Some say it can be in two places at once.
And some say it's everywhere at the same time!

So where is it?  Can I see one?  Have you ever seen one?  Has ANYBODY seen one?  NO!  Does it even exist?

Where does Energy come from?
Does it just appear?
Electromagnetic Force comes from the electron.

But then we have Gravity, that gets its force from Gravitons.  And there are Gluons, that hold things together.  And the Strong Force.  And th eWeak Force, which is radioactive and corrosive.
But where do these Forces come from?
Where do they get their energy from?
What makes Gravitons pull and Gluons stick?

And where is that Electron??

You can't see it.

You can't find it.

What if it didn't exist?

What if instead of being a String or a Partical, the Electron was just an Idea.

Let's look at Electromagnatism...

Particals spin.  All do.  Even every tiny Atom.  That spin creates Centrifugal Force and gives the Atom North and South poles, much like a planet:


Now, traditionally, you would place a ball on that arrow line:


But what if the Electron didn't exist?!  Then you are left with this:


Unlike the Partical model, where the Atom stands still, when the Atom is spinning, the Centrifugal Force takes the place of the Electron.  The difference is, that Centrifugal Force is not an "orbiting partical."  It is a Force that extends forever.


And when Atoms collide together, they can only do so in patterns that allow for stable rotations, otherwise, their counteracting Centrifugal Forces will counteract and decay each other.  Opposing rotations will corrode and break apart all the way back to the original Atom.  This accounts for the Weak Force.

Meanwhile, conspiring Atoms, that bind together and synchronize their rotations grow stronger.  This accounts for the Strong Force, as well as Gravity and Electricity, as you will come to see.

Say this were a massive Atom:


It would probably have a strong Centrifugal Force because all those Atoms are spinning in a stable manner.

That Centrifugal Force acts as a whirlpool, pulling everything in can towards its poles.  The pulling in at the poles by the whirlpool effect is what creates the Strong Force.  It is more powerful at a close distance becase it has a centralized point. Two infinitesimally small points on a partical the size of an Atom.  That's two powerful points!  In fact, they would actually pull together into a single central point, exactly at the center of the Atom.

Now Dark Energy is what is created by the opposing Centrifugal Force.  Remember that Truly in the Universe, there is always an equal but opposite reaction.


Now divide the total covered distance between the (+) and (-) points.  From the infinitely small (-) to the infinitely large (+).  At first, the Small(-) Force would be greater, because it is just a Dot, rather than a whole Circle; since the forces are Equal, the Smaller Dot is more intense than the Larger Circle.  But as the (+) and (-) Forces extend out forever, eventually they will get to a point where the Sphere shaped area of the Dot becomes greater than the Circle shaped area of the Spin.  At that point, an Event Horizon is created, where matter will either be pulled in or pushed away.
This is what creates Gravity and why Dark Energy eventually overcomes ti at great distances.

Gravitons do not exist.

Neither do Gluons.

Saying that Atoms have Gravity because they are Particals and then saying that what is responsible for that Gravity is another Partical within the Partical is just stupid and does not explain anything.
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