Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The phasing of Atoms through objects is easily understood when you realize that their spinning forces naturally throw each other off.  They attract or oppose each other and individual Atoms that are smashed against different types can get flung off and lost from the original structure tehy were a part of.  Meanwhile, the massive main structure compresses and remains intact.

In the Atomic Teleportation experiments, scientists were able to teleport a coud of Hydrogen through a wire.  It was noted that what was actually occuring was that the cloud was being destroyed and recreated.  This is congruent with Spin Theory because the exact force of energy needed to create that energy somewhere else would be equal to the amount of potential energy it initially has.  Thus, to create, it must be destroyed.  Conservation of Energy is applied, only to such an extreme scale, that no energy is lost, only time.

Time is something we will get into...

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