Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Beginning of the Universe

First of all, I would like to note that it is impossible to know the beginning of the Universe with our current technology. However, we can assume that if the Universe works in a certain way, that its creation would be consistent with that way in which it works.

Thus, this is a description of how the Universe could be created in accordance with Spin Theory.
I am saying that the Universe was made this way because of my theory, not that my theory is this way because this is how the Universe was created.

Topics are always up for adjustment. By no means am I perfect.

Since Time is infinite and goes on forever, we can assume that all physically plausible events will occur.
Since Time goes infinitely backwords, we can assume that all events have already occured.
Thus, at some point in our Univers's past, all Matter must have been caught in the same (+/-) Vortex.
At this point, all "Matter," ie: Atomic Vortex Fields, would be drawn into one central Mass. Everything would be compressed into one big ball.
Now that we know Mass is simply a measure of the (+/-) Field, it is easy to see how, in time, all fields would cross over each other's Event Horizons and combine into one massive swirl.
This swirl continued to compress until all matter was the size of a planet, and then a baseball, and then a single Atom.
That Super Atom, the tiny focus point for all the energy in the Universe, continued to shrink, until it was the size of a Quark, and then even smaller. At that point, it was so small that (+) Energy Event Horizon hit the central point of its (-) Energy, and even then it kept shrinking!
This would cause the two forces to invert, and KABOOOOOM!
All of that stored energy is flung into every direction and formed into the swirls that we define as matter.


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