Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What is Light?
Light consists of Photons. which are massless particals that contain information.  They fly off in all directions of the Universe and bounce off solid objects or bend through liquid or gas.  Light travels at a definite speed.  But where does it get its energy from?

I submit that the Centrifugal Force from the spinning Atom is the force of Light, as well as Dark Energy.  Light occurs when solids break down into liquids and liquids turn into gas, and gas ignites into flame.  Or when something is simply heated red hot.  Fire is simply the result of Atoms spinning faster.  The Energy they give off is based off of Rotational Speed and its strength can even be measured in frequencies. 

Red through Violet.
That's the level of Spin Energy we can see because our brain processes the Energy Information and creates an image of the world.  Higher Energy goes into ultraviolet and our eyes can't process that speed of a spin.  What the "Photon" again tries to do is call a Force a Partical.  It's not at one point.  It's at every point and every place, at the speed of its spin.

Further proof of the theory's perfection can be found through Hearing.

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