Tuesday, May 10, 2011



Heat is the result of the Atom increasing its rotation.

Ouch!  I can't touch that, it's spinning too fast.  It's so fast that it makes my Atoms spin right off of me!

Sometimes it's simply different Elements.  They rub each other right and speed up.

So a Zap of Heat here


Makes th first Atom spin fast, which transfers to the next Atom.  It absorbs the energy and spins fast.  And this continues down the line until the signal is received.

Ultimately, Heat is the result of complimentary rotations.  However, the added velocity will make the Atoms more unstable, until they break apart.  ie: Burn.

So really, Spinning is just everything.

And the Electron as a Partical or String does not exist.

What we call the Electron is just the equatorial path of an Atom.  And those paths intersect and affect one another.  So that's why an Electron can be everywhere.  Because since th force extends forever, everything in the Universe affects everything.  But it still comes down to Spins.  Just different Spins.

The Strong Force pulled tons of shit together, and it spun wild and exploded into the big bang.  It's probably continually happening.  And when shit explodes, it shoots off and spins.  That is the only kind of Energy there is, Motion Energy.

The Simplest law of th Universe is what we were looking for, but it was so obvious that we couldn't see it.

Shit moves.

That's it.  Atoms move.  The end.

And there are only Two Forces. (+) and (-)


This is the simple Truth.

I could never understand Quantum Physics because it never made sense.  And so I forgot what everyone said about it, looked at the observations, and figured it out.

This is the Unifying Theory of Everything.

We'll move on to Why People Believe in Gravitons, Gluons, and Electrons.

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