Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Faster than Light Data Transfer. This is Not Time Travel.

First we have to define Time.  Because, Yes, I believe you can spin an Atom to produce a frequency far higher than the speed of light.  You can spin an Atom as fast as you want.  Atoms are not destroyed until they sit still. 

What if you could stably spin an Atom much faster than the pont of visible light?  Could we find a way to receive that energy and translate it into a message?

Even if you could, it does not mean you can get message from the future.  All it means is that you can receive a message from a friend very far away in the universe more quickly than you could see them send it.
Age-wise, on your biological clocks, if you were 7 lightyears away and it only took the message 2 years to reach you, you would still get it in 2 years, relative to your time.  If you are both 20 when it is sent, you will both be 22 when it is received.  Likewise, if you were to write back, you would both be 24 by the time he got your reply.  And yes, if you could see that far, in 7 years, you could actually witness the event of your friend sending the message, knowing full well the eventual outcome.  But physically, in your world, it doesn't matter.  It would just be a slower spin force catching up.  You would see it as an aftershock, the same way you could hear the message being sent much later after seeing it, if you had ears acute enough to hear it.

It's an interesting side effect, butbut is by no means a tangible manipulation of time through light.

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