Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hearing is the same as Seeing.  It is spinning energy received by our ears and translated into Sound.

Sound frequencies are much lower that Light, but are stil the result of Atoms spinning at an other than normal rate, or from being suddenly jarred.  The flux of energy that is sent through the atmosphere is received and translated.  For us, it might not seem like much.  But for Bats and Dolphins, it's a complex algorithm that creates an image of the world.  Ears are more primitive than Eyes in the sense that they do not interpret color.  But at the same time, they are tuned to lower spin frequencies and thus allow us to "hear" energy levels that are too low to produce light that is visible to our eyes.

The lower the frequency, the slower it travels.  This is why sound travels slower than light.  Although the Energy source is the same.  Our eyes pick up frequencies too high to hear, while our ears pick up frequencies too low to see.

We can surpass sound.  And the results are what you would expect to find with this theory.
As a jet flies passed, you hear nothing at first.  Because at that speed, it's spinning the Atoms it passes at a faster frequency than our ears can pick up.  Then, moments later, as those Atoms disperse their energy over distance and slow down, that range of Energy can finally be picked up and interpreted by our ears, as loud crackly thunder.

And speaking of Thunder.  Lightening is more proof that Sound Energy and Light Energy are the same.
Lightening sparks through the sky, spinning Atoms at a rate so quick, that they appear to the energy receptors in our eyes to light up and flash in the sky.
They vanish soon, moving so fast for only a moment, but as the energy travels and slows to lower speeds and settles down, you eventually hear it.  That is why you can see lightening in front of you and hear it behind you.  It's all just Atoms changing speeds.  Their orbits are still stable, just faster or slower.  Actually, at a burning speed, Atoms break apart.  But only into more basic Atoms.

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