Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunlight and the Creation of Life


Light Energy, ie: Centrifugal Energy, bounces upon themass of our planet.  In Gas and Liquid, it mixes and musses, causing Atoms to spin more quickly.  the more Centriifugal "light" Energy received, the more overall Energy is put into our planet.  That Energy must be output by the Atoms of our planet in the form of motion.  With continued sunlight, the Atoms of our planet would continue to speed up until the velocities that are required to mix up amino acids are reached.  Energy continues to pour forth from the Sun until the Amino Acids are excited enough to bond together and form the Basic Protiens that are the beginning of reproductive life.  The Protiens became more complex and developed into organisms and all life began from there.

This is whyplants grow.  Because the Sun continualls pours Energy into our world.  And that Energy has to be output.  Since the Energy continually builds, continually advanced forms and abilities for discharging it are necessary.  The sun continually shines on our world and this is why the flowers bloom.

On other planets, the energy may be discharged in harsher ways.  eg: Massive volcanoes/earthquakes, intense storms, thick atmospheres, etc.
Our planet is lucky enough to be in the Goldilocks Zone, which allows for subtler, more graceful and elegant discharge of Energy.

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